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DING DONG Takuhaibin was founded by creator AllRightsReserved on April 2015, with the inspiration of the familiar chime of a doorbell “Ding Dong, Ding Dong”, which also implies the excitement of receiving parcels! By collaborating with different brands and cartoon characters, DING DONG Takuhaibin hopes to deliver a series of creative, supreme and high quality official premiums and gift delivery service to all shoppers!


  • Draw registration begins from 11am, 22 April to 11am, 23 April 2024 (HKT)| from 11pm, 21 April to 11pm, 23 April 2024 (EDT). Registration to the draw outside this period is not accepted.
  • Registration must be made through DDT Store.
  • Registration is limited to 1 item per entry. Multiple entries for the same item under the same name, email address or shipping information will be deemed invalid, and result in entry disqualification.
  • Draw entrants must fill out all information correctly. Payment method and shipping address cannot be modified after submission. DDT Store will not be responsible for any loss or wrong delivery due to incorrect information provided by entrants.
  • Draw entrants will receive an EMAIL ACKNOWLEDGMENT once entering the draw. This email acknowledgment is only a confirmation of the draw entry and does not constitute an acceptance of your order.
  • No cancellations and modifications are accepted once the draw entry is confirmed.
  • Entries are not transferable.
  • A credit card pre-authorization is required to enter the draw. The credit card pre-authorization is to reserve the eligibility to purchase the product. The credit is held by the cardholder’s financial institution. No transaction will be made until the draw is successful.
  • With credit card pre-authorization, a deposit payment of HKD31,400 (USD4,000) is held in order to enter the draw. Please notify your financial institution in advance to ensure sufficient credit to enter the draw.
  • Credit card pre-authorization will expire in case of an unsuccessful draw, with the fund to be released back to the cardholder automatically. The exact time for refund varies with each financial institution’s policy.
  • Successful entrants will receive a notification email to confirm the order, with the held credit automatically charged.
  • If the payment cannot be completed due to any reasons, the right to purchase the item will be randomly given to a new entrant.
  • Upon successful draw, each entrant can only purchase one piece of the selected item.
  • Return of the item, cancellation of the order, and refund after the payment are not accepted. Please make sure that there are no errors in your order before entering the draw.
  • The price does not include taxes. International orders may be subject to additional local taxes, import duties or other local requirements. Unless exempted by law, the purchaser will be required to pay the necessary taxes for customs clearance, otherwise the shipment will be returned to the origin without any compensation.
  • DDT Store reserves the right to take any action against resale activities, including, but not limited to, restrict purchases, cancel orders, and/or suspend or close the entrant’s account.
  • The draw may be subject to changes without advance notice.
  • All products have been inspected and undergone quality control. Any minor variations or imperfections are up to our acceptable level of quality variance, and not qualified for exchange or refund.
  • Packaging is for protection only. Dents or scratches on the packaging box surface caused by delivery are not included in the Return & Refund policy.
  • In case of any dispute, DDT Store reserves the right of final decision.